About Jesse

The Jesse Garland Project - Classic Standards with a Twist

A distinguished artist, this dynamic singer, related to Judy Garland, has a voice that soars and holds the same magic as her famous bloodline.  Her songs rooted in jazz and blues take the classics in new directions while bringing in sounds from today constantly pushing the music to the edge.

Jesse hails from McAllen, Texas, eight-miles from Reynosa Mexico in Hidalgo County. Although she had great admiration for small town living and the mantra of a simple life but she grew up feeling like the oddball teenager.  Finally, deciding to follow her lifelong dream to see the world and venture out into the great unknown, Jesse began her journey in Washington, DC diving headlong into an exciting singing career eventually landing her in Denver, CO.  In Denver, she really found her love for life, people and most important passion for her music.    Over the years, Jesse had entertained numerous audiences with her soulful rendition of Summertime, PS I love and conquers the challenging vocal aerobics of Joy Spring.

She surrounds herself musically with keys/piano, drums, bass and trumpet.  Core members of the band are Brian McRae on drums (and cajon), Mario Pagliarulo on bass and AnDre on trumpet.  Keys/Piano are filled by some greats such as Jeff Jenkins, Adam Revell, John Armstrong, and Bob Schlesinger.

Attending a Jesse Garland Project show takes you through a night filled with songs of all of the greats such as Judy Garland, Ella Fitzgerald, Etta James, Adele and even Nine Inch Nails.  You will find yourself entranced with the emotional performance and fresh sound of all of the standards you love. Be sure to catch a Jesse Garland show. You might find her soon, somewhere over the rainbow.


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