Jesse Garland Delivers Classic Latin Standards with "de mi corazón"


Jesse Garland’s repertoire, which is rooted in jazz and blues, pays homage to the classic standards while bringing in sounds from today, constantly pushes her music to the very edge.


Over the years, Jesse has entertained audiences with her soulful rendition of Summertime and PS I Love You, while also conquering the challenging vocal acrobatics of Joy Spring.


A Jesse Garland Project event can be filled with songs of all of the great performers, such as Judy Garland, a distant relative, Ella Fitzgerald, Etta James, Adele and even Nine Inch Nails. 


But she continues to explore the world of music with release of de mi corazón (From the Heart), her first Spanish language EP. It results from visits to Cuba to dance and learn about Latin music, trips that forever changed her life.


“I danced, brushed up on my Spanish and formed lasting bonds with people I met on these trips,” she said. “I spent time with Rodney Barreto, a renowned Cuban drummer. His heart is gold and a friendship was born. When he visited in Colorado in January 2020, I decided it was time to record a true Latin EP.”


(The previous year Jesse tested the waters at Denver’s Clock Tower Cabaret, performing 15 tunes, mostly in Spanish. “I think I only did two songs in English. Talk about a crash course in learning Spanish, but what a joy!)


After doing Havana Nights in 2019, and with Rodney Barreto coming for a visit, “I decided to seize the opportunity.”


She added: “de mi corazón means from my heart, which this album 100 percent came from. I hope this music moves you as much as it has moved me. Thank you Rodney for coming into my life, opening my eyes to the beauty of your world, and thanks to everyone else who helped produce this album.”


De mi corazón sticks with the classic Latin standards. It provides her interpretation of well know songs like Besame Mucho (Kiss Me a Lot), perhaps the most popular Spanish language song ever.


"Bésame Mucho is not so much an enduring standard as a global phenomenon. Translated into dozens of languages and performed by hundreds of artists, the song has been an emblem of Latin identity, an anthem of lovers separated,” according to the New York Times.


Kiss me now,

kiss me with passion

kiss me as if this were to be

our very last night.


The EP also includes Sway, made famous by Dean Martin and Michael Bublé.


When marimba rhythms start to play

Dance with me, make me sway

Like a lazy ocean hugs the shore

Hold me close, sway me more


It also provides Jesse Garland’s treatment of Quizás, Quizás, Quizás (Perhaps, Perhaps, Perhaps), a favorite from Doris Day.


Every time I ask you

That when, how and where

You always reply me

Perhaps, perhaps, perhaps


And the EP includes Vivir mi Vida (Live my Life) from Marc Anthony, which pretty much summarizes Jesse’s lust for life.


I'm gonna laugh, I'm gonna dance

[I'm gonna] live my life, la, la, la, la

I'm gonna laugh, I'm gonna enjoy

live my life, la, la, la, la


We invite you to check out de mi corazón or even better, catch a Jesse Garland show where you can find the dynamic performer singing somewhere over the rainbow.